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Welcome to LovingPussyPanties.com

WELCOME to LovingPussyPanties.com, where buyers and sellers of used panties fulfill their fantasies!!

We have been selling used panties now for over a year and we have become sick of other website liability to prove a safe, friendly, reliable place for this to happen. So we decided to create and run our own website to allow fellow panty sellers and buyers a safe place to do business, without scam artists, time wasters or ridicule.

Our aim at LovingPussyPanties.com if for our site never to be slow or crash! We know other sites out there are just rubbish, hard to use, or just interested in the monthly membership fee.

The down side is We have to charge membership to keep the site up and running and cover our costs.  I am planning to charge membership at £10 a month to see how successful the site is however, we are hoping to decrease this in time the more popular the site becomes.

We plan to enforce rules and have moderators running the site. Now this will take time and we will need to trust members to help us.  However we will try our best to monitor and investigate scam artists, time wasters, and pedophiles. Its also goes without saying that ZERO TOLERANCE to the above and with your help we will make this a happy successful place to buy and sell panties.

Come check LovingPussyPanties.com out and promise you wont leave.


Membership is needed to access the site fully. Until then you can only see the menus and options we offer, nothing else. 


Disclaimer: This website contains adult material, all persons appearing have represented to us that they are 18 years of age or older.